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Science fiction (abbreviated SF or sci-fi with varying punctuation and capitalization) is a broad genre of fiction that often involves speculations based on current or future science or technology. Science fiction is found in books, art, television, films, games, theatre, and other media. In organizational or marketing contexts, science fiction can be synonymous with the broader definition of speculative fiction, encompassing creative works incorporating imaginative elements not found in contemporary reality; this includes fantasy, horror and related genres.

Although the two genres are often co

New Releases Tagged "Science Fiction"

Wildcard (Warcross, #2)
Vengeful (Villains, #2)
An Absolutely Remarkable Thing
The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein
Impostors (Impostors, #1)
Salvation (Salvation Sequence #1)
Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds (Legion, #1-3)
Ignite the Stars (Ignite the Stars, #1)
Oh My Goth
The Seclusion
How to Invent Everything: A Survival Guide for the Stranded Time Traveller
Lies of the Beholder (Legion, #3)
Voyage of the Dogs
The Mona Lisa Key (Time Castaways #1)
Rabbit & Robot
A Spark of White Fire (The Celestial Trilogy #1)
Attack of the 50 Foot Wallflower
A Dastardly Plot (A Perilous Journey of Danger and Mayhem #1)
Mecha Samurai Empire (United States of Japan)
The Echo Room
Solo: A Star Wars Story
The Tomb
The Accidental War (Dread Empire's Fall #4)
The Million
Chasing Ghosts (The Legacy Chronicles #4)
The Book of Dog
The Third Mushroom
Oblivion Song, Vol. 1
The Nightshade's Touch (Messenger Chronicles, #3)
Worlds Seen in Passing: Ten Years of Short Fiction
State Tectonics (The Centenal Cycle, #3)
Alien Prince Charming (Trilyn Alien Fairy Tales, #1)
The Dreaming Stars (Axiom, #2)
Open Earth
Rock Manning Goes for Broke
Killer T
Upgrade Soul
Unexpected Hostage (Unexpected, #1)
The Cyborg's Secret Baby (In the Stars)
Hidden Sun: Shadowlands Book I
Anna and the Alien (Alien Abduction, #1)
The Future is Female!: Women's Science Fiction Stories from the Pulp Era to the New Wave
Prism Stalker, Vol. 1
Daughters of Forgotten Light
Losing Mars
Battlestar Suburbia
Maverick (Cat Star Legacy, #1)
Mother of Invention
Shades Within Us: Tales of Migrations and Fractured Borders
Searching for the Fleet
Ice (Galaxy Alien Mail Order Brides, #4; Intergalactic Dating Agency; Qurilixen World)
Mirage (Mirage, #1)
The Darkest Legacy (The Darkest Minds, #4)
Rogue Protocol (The Murderbot Diaries, #3)
The Raging Ones (The Raging Ones, #1)
Early Riser
The Truth Lies Here
The Psychology of Time Travel
The Black God's Drums
The Fated Sky (Lady Astronaut, #2)
Stars Uncharted
Neverwake (Dreamfall #2)
Deceiving The Corsair (Corsairs, #4)
Access Restricted (Word$ #2)
Notes from the Fog: Stories
Garrison Girl
Before She Sleeps
Noumenon Infinity
Claimed by an Alien Warrior
Dovis (The Vorge Crew, #2)
Irontown Blues (Eight Worlds #4)
The Warrior Princess (Alinthia #3)
Project Prometheus (Assassin Fall, #2)
Descender, Vol. 6: The Machine War
After the Lights Go Out
A Short Film about Disappointment
The Light Between Us
The Point
Alternate Routes
East of West, Vol. 8
Star Wars, Vol. 8: Mutiny at Mon Cala (Star Wars, #8)
Rogue Cyborg (Interstellar Brides: The Colony #6)
Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons #1 (of 4)
An Informal History of the Hugos
Dragon's Claim (Red Planet Dragons of Tajss, #9)
Legion (Xian Warriors, #1)
Vengeance (Confluence #5)
Superheroes Suck
The Moons of Barsk (Barsk, #2)
Exile's Throne (The Empress Game Trilogy #3)

Elan Mastai

Author of All Our Wrong Todays

“All Our Wrong Todays” is my first novel, but I’ve been working for the past 15 years as a screenwriter. I’ve written movies for both independent production companies and the Hollywood studios, including scripts for Fox, Sony, Warner Brothers, and Paramount. My most recent film is “What If”—also known as “The F Word”—a comedy starring Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan, Adam Driver, Mackenzie Davis, Megan Park, and Rafe Spall, directed by Michael Dowse.

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Tahereh Mafi
You think that because I am unwanted, because I am neglected and-and discarded-" My voice inches higher with every word, the unrestrained emotions suddenly screaming through my lungs. "You think I don't have a heart? You think I don't feel? You think that because I can inflict pain, that I should? You're just like everyone else. You think I'm a monster just like everyone else. You don't understand me at all.
Tahereh Mafi, Shatter Me

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